I have to admit I have fallen in love with this lingerie line put out by the Music Star and Makeup Mogul Rhianna, she is amazing with the expansive size range and color options. I have to say this line puts Victoria’s Secret to shame. They have so many sizes for bras its incredible, when I use to shop at Victoria’s Secret I had to get sister sizes and they didn’t fit well enough the cup would kinda fit but then the band would be to tight leaving marks. I was very uncomfortable when I would wear a large majority of my bras and don’t get me started on the life of most of the panties they sell they have a tendency to fall apart after a few washes.

I love this lingerie line and will not be able to live with out it. I have found the sets and designs are super cute, sexy, and classy. For the holidays she did 12 Days of Savage gift sets and put one out a day I fell in love with all of them of course. I am still hoping to get a few of the sets she put out. This whole line makes you feel like a Savage! 

Take a look at all the sets and lingerie options they have at savagex.com This is the cutes lingerie I still have another one I need to take and post photos in I cannot wait. 

This photos were taken by Apache Media from Minneapolis, MN.  Of course the selfies were from my phone lol. Enjoy!!

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